Welcome to Network$: TV Sim, where you run the show! If you are interested in joining us, please go to the sign up page, read about the different roles you can take on and sign up!


  • Most realistic television industry simulation game you will ever play!
  • Choose to be a Network CEO (only 4 available), Production Company, a Creative Company, or a Critic / Journalist.
  • Create series (animated, sitcoms, dramas), variety, game, reality, late-night and talk shows and even miniseries and made for TV movies.
  • Develop your show from scratch. Pitch your idea to a Network, choose your cast, set a production budget, shoot the pilot and wait for the Network to place a series order. Then negotiate with the Network how many episodes will be produced and how much the fee per episode will be.
  • Huge talent database including: 2,800+ actors/actresses, 1600+ producers, 400+ directors, 800+ writers, 60+ hosts, 50+ judges (for reality shows) and even musical guests to choose from.